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9 December 2019, 8:34 am

Free Software Foundation Offers Benefits and Merchandise In Its Annual Fundraiser

Free Software Foundation Offers Benefits and Merchandise In Its Annual Fundraiser

An anonymous reader writes: The Free Software Foundation is holding its annual fundraiser, with a goal of attracting 600 new members by the end of December. (New members so far: 112.) "We are still fighting the oppressive nature of proprietary software," explains the campaign's web page. "We have made solid inroads, and the community is as passionate as ever." As a 501(c)(3) charity the group's membership dues are all tax deductible, and associate memberships are just $10 a month ($5 for students). They come with special benefits including up to five email aliases in the domain, eligibility to join the nonprofit Digital Credit Union, free admission to the annual LibrePlanet conference in Boston, and 20% discounts on FSF merchandise and GNU gear (including this delightful stuffed baby gnu). And for its special year-end fundraiser, different levels are also eligible for patches, backpacks, a thermos, and a public thank you at "With your things neatly organized in a backpack covered with patches, and coffee forever to go, you will be ready to fight for freedom!" And finally, they've also created images to share on social media, writing thta "It is not always easy to explain to your neighbor or friend what free software is, or why it is so important. But taking the time to explain it, and motivating the people in your community to think critically about how much control they actually have over their software is the only way to keep our community growing and counter the billions of dollars that proprietary software companies use to strip our user rights."

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